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At T&D MORAVITS, we believe that there are three important reasons for pursing excellence in safety performance:

  • Striving to eliminate accidents and injuries
  • Enhancing overall operational excellence by avoiding the delays caused by accidents
  • Ability to maintain competitive pricing by reducing insurance costs

Our safety principles are not just words at T&D MORAVITS. It is the roadmap that we use to guide each project towards safety excellence. We employ outside safety consultants and an occupational nurse to insure our ability to reduce accidents and protect our clients' interests. Without the dedication to our safety principles, we would not be able to achieve the level of performance on our projects and have the confidence to assure each employee they are working within safe jobsite conditions.

We Put Safety "First" on all of our projects

Our construction sites continue to work extremely hard at ensuring their working practices do not put our employees at risk of accidents. T&D MORAVITS wants our employees and all of the workers at our jobsite to go home everyday in the same shape they came to work. It is apparent that our overall safety record will again place us as one of the best within our industry sector, and we are very proud of these achievements.