Safety Starts With Us

“T&D is doing what most people just say they should be doing.
I have not seen this type of activity from a sub-contractor in the fifteen-plus years I have been working for Guido Brothers. Many people talk the talk, but hardly anyone is willing to commit to this level of promoting safety. Y’all are creating a Safety Culture within your company, as opposed to just going through the motions...”




Our mission at T&D Moravits is to ensure all employees go home from work to their families in the same physical condition they arrived. Our safety department helps us manage risk to ensure a safe and productive environment for all of our employees. 


T&D Moravits’ extensive training program begins with new hire safety orientation, setting the tone for our entire company. We empower all employees with a stop-work authority, anonymous safety reporting, and access to all safety personnel and resources at all times.

That same safety-focus spreads to all aspects of our operations. For example, all T&D Moravits superintendents and foremen are OSHA-30 certified. All of our employees driving Company Vehicles also receive Liberty Mutual Decision Driving Training and Certification by in-house instructors, a fact few other concrete contractors can claim.

We're especially proud of our bilingual safety seminar, held on a quarterly basis, to discuss job safety, new trends and equipment and updates on safety regulations. The seminar is mandatory for all T&D Moravits field, management, and safety personnel and is also open to clients and anyone in the construction industry. So please join us to learn how we can all stay safe on the job!

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“It has been a true pleasure to work with the Safety and Health department at T&D Moravits.
The staff has always had the goal of not just meeting minimum federal safety standards, but exceeding those standards. They have worked hard at creating a corporate culture where safety is a part of everything they do. 'It’s the way we do things around here.' They Walk the Talk. They want to set the example for others in their industry to follow. They want to lead the way, not follow others. The view is always better from the front of the pack. Keep up the GREAT work...”

TEEX EHS Instructor


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